Naismith Hardwood Floors offers dustless sanding by utilizing a dust containment system.  This system limits the amount of dust and thus does not further inconvenience the customer.  Also during the installation, the finish used on the floors can have a strong odor.  There are water based, oil based and a resin based that all produce various degrees of odors.  Please be mindful of the area(s) these floors are installed in regards to food or pets.     

What To Expect

Now that you made the decision to install hardwood floors, it is important to understand the installation and refinishing of hardwood floors is a major task.  Unlike most home improvement projects, all objects must be cleared from the room(s).  Naismith Hardwood Floors takes great care in maintaining the work environment not to go beyond into other parts of the home.  The sanding process is the most critical time for customers to see the most chaos on a job site.  The most common complaint from customers is the amount of dust generated by this process.      

Naismith Hardwood Floors